Welcome to Paint in the Moment.


Please take a few moments to read through and become familiar with what to expect from this painting journey.

Please know that this is in fact a unique experience just for you.

Although you will be with fellow painters and you will be guided through the steps of the painting together.

But remember through this experience you may find yourself veering off in a different direction.

We want you to fully embrace that and be in the moment with the path in which you are led.

At the end of the workshop  you will take home an amazing painting which will serve as a visual tool to help guide you through any adversities you may face down the road. 

To further assist us on this journey, we will be guided along with the use of meditative sound therapy.  

We also offer unique workshops for children of all ages that allow them to experience a guided meditation prior to  creating their own masterpiece.

If you're interested in setting up a kids workshop, please let us know.


We'll have 1 1/2 hours together. Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled in.

We will begin at the specified start time with a short meditation that will help us become centered, calm, and focused.  


So please come, connect, meditate and paint.


   ~ Thank you for sharing with us ~ 


Wendy Sheahan- "We all know life can throw things our way that makes us want to either cry or scream...sometimes if we're lucky, we notice the moments when we are truly at peace and happy within the moment. "


If you need to be in that moment, please join us for a relaxing, meditative, and peaceful painting experience.

 You may find this is as necessary as your daily yoga, massage, Reiki, or any other form of healing with which you honor yourself.


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