Will I need to bring my own supplies with me?


The supplies you will need to paint your zen piece will be provided, brushes, canvas, smock, easels, and paints.  If you have a special brush that you paint with, or a crystal that helps you feel focused and centered,

please bring it along. 



Please feel free to contact PITM with any concerns. 


Thank you again for your support and in honoring the policies. 


Is there an age limitation for this experience?


We all have times in our lives when we feel the need to decompress. We may have some inner work that we need to do, no matter what age we are.  This paint experience would be especially appreciated by those that understand its purpose. Typically as we approach our teen years and beyond we can offer the level of respect that this workshop should be given both to oneself as well as to those with whom you are painting. 

We do offer KIDS PAINTING PARTIES for birthday's or as a private workshop.

We can come to you! 

Do I need to know how to paint?

We all have an inate ability to create and express ourselves. That is all you need to tap into while you're here. No painting experience required. We do ask though that you keep it positive. While creating your artwork, know that there are no mistakes.

What you create is unique to you. 

Where will this be held ?
The workshops will be held at various locations throughout Bucks County so that we can bring this experience to a larger group of people.
Please check the calendar for upcoming events and  locations.



What are the prices for mobile
parties and workshops?


Prices start at *$40- per public workshop .

 We will on occasion  have healers come in  who will  guide us through our workshop via

crystal singing bowls and beautiful instrumentals.

That will be noted on the sign up and the cost begins at $48- per workshop.



Please contact Paint in the Moment for details with regard to pricing and availability. 

Prices start at *225- for up to 10 kids


Paint in the Moment  will come to your home with all the supplies to run your birthday art party and delight your guests for up to 90 minutes. We will set up, facilitate and engage painters along the way while you watch, participate with your child, or catch up on other things.

You roll in the cake, drinks, and treats as we clean up, leaving your room as it was.


Paintings can be chosen from our online gallery, or if you would like a unique painting made for your child's themed party, that can be done for an additional fee**

We will coordinate table coverings, water containers, and painting palettes to the best of our ability with your child's themed party. 

$50- deposit requested for all private parties


*Prices may  vary depending on the size of the canvas as well as the painting medium that is being used..

 Prices may vary depending on location of events.

Live sound therapy will be noted prior to rgeistration


** Paintings made for a specific party/workshop remain the property of Paint in the Moment TM

Fees will vary depending on the style of painting you request to have created for your childs theme.  

This will be determined and agreed upon prior to the painting being created.



Cancellation / Refund Policy

What happens if I need to cancel my prepaid reservation for a scheduled event?


No one ever wants to cancel something that they are looking forward to. So,  If you are able to give at least 48 hour notice when canceling you will be issued a gift certificate for a future workshop. If you contact PITM less than 48 hours from the beginning of the event, or register but do not show up, there are no refunds. 

We are sorry, but it would not allow us enough time to fill your spot at that point. 


What if I need to cancel / reschedule a Private Party?

Cancellations / Reschedule Requests must be made 14 days prior to the event

in order to refund your deposit.

Please contact paintinthemoment@gmail.com to request a cancellation for your event.  You will then receive an email with information about your refund. 


If you have prepaid for a seat, but couldn’t attend the workshop, there are no refunds or gift certificates that we can offer. We do apologize and we know that emergencies can arise, but without honoring the 48 hour cancellation request, we are unable to fill a spot that has already been reserved for someone else.  




If you have a question that can not be answered here, please feel free to contact Paint in the Moment.



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